Pappe Descendants that Immigrated to the USA

Five Pappe brothers were born between 1849 and 1860 in Stotternheim, a small village near Erfurt in the German state of Thüringen, which lies in the eastern region of the country, near Saxony. Their parents were Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe from the village of Toettleben and Johanna Catherina Heinemann from Rockhausen.

Albert, Richard, and Johann Herman Pappe emigrated to America and the other two of the five Pappe brothers, Otto and Karl Pappe, remained in Germany. There were also two half sisters that stayed in Germany and a brother who died in infancy – the children of Gottfried Pappe's first marriage to Sophie Pokel. Church records show that Pappe families had lived in the vicinity of Toettleben, near Erfurt, as early as 1700. Karl Pappe son, Carl Arthur Pappe, also emigrated.

We have also found several immigrants with the Fressel surname that we belive are descended from a daugher of Gottfried Pappe and his first wife, Sophie Poke. She would have been the half sister of Albert, Richard and John Herman Pappe. For two of the immigrants the ship's passenger list shows their final destination as Kingfisher, Oklahoma and mentions their uncle Richard Pappe. For Richard to be their uncle they must have been the children of sister who married a man named Fressel. Richard had only two half sisters. One of them, Martha Luise Henriette Pappe (1842-1874) married Karl August Richard Baumgarten and remained in Stoternheim all her life. So, unless there were other siblings that we haven't identified, the mother of the Fressel immigrants must have been Minna Wilhelmine Pappe (1846-?). The Fressel's were probably born in Grossmoelson, which is a short distance from Stotternheim.


Albert Ludwig Pappe (baptized Ludwig Adalbert Pappe) was born in 1854 and emigrated in April 1872 at the age of 17. He and his first wife, Helena Prettig, lived for many years in Tazewell, Illinois, then moved with their children to Plattsmouth, Nebraska in 1886, where Helen died in 1896. About 1904, after the death of his second wife, Albert settled in Union, Oklahoma, where he was married for a third time to Christine Beck and had two more children. In all, Albert fathered 11 children, 5 of which survived to adulthood. He was a farmer all his life. Albert made a return visit to Germany and when he returned to America his nephew, Carl Arthur Pappe, was traveling with him on the ship. (See Bio of Albert L Pappe)

John Herman Pappe (baptized Johann Hermann) was born in 1852, immigrated in November 1872 and lived in Tazewell, Illinois and Newton, Kansas then finally Alaska. In 1875 Herman Pappe married Mary Drayer in Cass County, Illinois and they had one son the next year. In 1885 he was listed in the Newton, Kansas city directory as a confectioner. He also worked several gold mines, first in Kansas in the 1880s and later in Alaska. In 1903, at the age of 51, John H. Pappe died in Alaska under mysterious circumstances while traveling with his partner with whom he had a filed a claim in a rich gold mining area near Rampart. The the time of his death his two brothers were his only known kin. He went by various names throughout his life: Herman , John , and J.H Pappe.


Richard Pappe, born in 1860, immigrated in 1882 with his wife, Henrietta Mathilde Louise Kornrumpf from Gross Lengden, near Göttingen and an infant son, Robert.. They arrived in New York from Germany in 1882, sailing from Antwerp on the Peter de Connick, stopping once in Denmark to pick up passengers. Richard and Louise lived briefly in Tazewell, Illinois, then in Newton and Pratt, Kansas for several years before homesteading in Kingfisher, at the time of the Opening of Oklahoma Territory in April, 1889. Richard and Louise had at least 11 children, 5 of which lived to adulthood. Richard apprenticed as a baker in Germany and opened bakeries wherever he lived. but later branched out into restaurants, saloons, insurance, farm loans, real estate and other businesses. In early 1889 Richard, Louise and their two eldest sons made a return visit to Germany and stayed in Leipzig, where Richard's brother Karl Pappe lived. Their mother, Katherine Heinemann Pappe, accompanied the family when they returned to America. (See Bio of Richard Pappe)


Anna (Fressel) Humburg. Anna Pauline Caroline Fressel, born October 09, 1869 in Grossmoelson, Germany, was the first of five siblings to immigrate to the US. The ship's passenger list shows she arrived on November 2, 1901 at the age of 31 and that she planned to meet her uncle Richard Pappe in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Two years later she married August Humburg at the German Evangelical Church in Kingfisher. Richard Pappe, a church founder, was one of two witnesses at the marriage. Anna and August had two children. Sometime after their 2 year old daughter died in 1911, they relocated to Tribune, CO. Their surviving son, Edwin Humburg had 5 children and many grandchildren. Anna's 1912 passport application was notarized by R. Pappe in Kingfisher. She traveled to Germany, returning in New York on May 30, 1912 on the SS President Lincoln with her sisters Emilie and Hulda.


Carl Arthur Pappe, born in 1883 in Leipzig, was the son of Karl and Auguste Pappe. He immigrated in 1903 at the age of 20. Arthur lived for many years in Nebraska, where he married, then moved to New Mexico about 1926. There he opened Pappe's Bakery and married for a second time. He died in 1931 at age 48, leaving behind a wife and two month old son. (See Bio of Carl Arthur Pappe)


Karl Fressel, born on August 31, 1878 in Germany. Karl (aka Carl) immigrated in 1904 at the age of 25 with his sister Emilie Fressel, departing from Bremen and arriving in Galveston, Texas on March 11th, 1904. The ships passenger list states that his residence was Grossmoelson and that he was planning to join his uncle, Richard Pappe, in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. His was a musician. Karl's World War I draft registration card shows that he was living in Oklahoma City, was self employed in a lunch room and that his closest relative was Emelia Wahenberg [Wehrenberg] in Keil (now Loyal), Oklahoma.

Emilie (Fressel) Wehrenberg, born about 1882 in Germany, sister of Karl Fressel. She immigrated in 1904 at the age of 22, arriving with her brother, Karl. Her last residence was also Grossmoelson, her destination was Kingfisher, and her uncle was Richard Pappe. About 1906 Emilie married Charles Wehrenberg and they settled in Kingfisher County. The couple had at least five children: Hilda (about 1907), Harold R. Wehrenberg (1914-2002 of, Tulsa, OK), Albert (about 1908), Emma (about 1923) and Sue Wehrenberg Mooney (after 1930). Emilie's 1912 passport application was notarized by R. Pappe in Kingfisher. She traveled to Germany, returning in New York on May 30, 1912 on the SS President Lincoln with her sisters Anna and Hulda.


Arno Curt Pappe, born in 1893 in Leipzig, was the son of Karl and Auguste Pappe. He immigrated in 1911 at the age of 18. Arno lived in New Mexico, Kansas, Texas and finally settled in California. He married Molly Vaughn and the couple had seven children. Arno died in 1948 in Yreka, California. (See Bio of Arno Curt Pappe)



Hulda (Fressel) Strobl, born on January 15, 1984 in Germany. Hulda immigrated in May 1912 at the age of 28, traveling with two of her sisters, Emilie (Fressel) Wehrenberg and Anna (Fressel) Humburg, on the SS President Lincoln. The Hannover ship's list shows lists her as a single woman who resided in Erfurt, Germany. In 1920 she was living in Denver, Colorado and working as a servant. About 1922 she married Frank Strobl, an Austrian immigrant, and they had two children. The family moved to Oakland, California. Hulda died on July 14, 1956 in San Joaquin County, California. The California Death Index lists her mother's maiden name as Pappe and her married name as Strobl.


Olga Fressel, born on September 2, 1873 in Germany. Olga immigrated in 1924 — a single woman aged 49 years. The ship's passenger list states that her residence as Erfurt, Germany, her birthplace as Grossmoelson (between Erfurt and Weimar), and her destination as Kingfisher, Oklahoma. It also names her brother-in-law, Charles Wesenberg [Wehrenberg] in Kingfisher, and her brother, Edmund Fressel in Apolda. (Charles Wehrenberg was the husband of Olga's sister, Emilie Fressel.) In 1936 through 1939 city directories show Olga living in Oklahoma City and working as a housekeeper. Olga died in 1961 in San Joaquin County, California. The California Death Index lists her mother's maiden name as Pappe. Note: One photo in our collection is of a young gentleman that was taken in Apolda in the early 1900s who is perhaps Edmund Fressel.

Other Pappe relatives may also have emigrated. We welcome any information that may help us identify which Pappes in America are related to these lines. If you have information to share, please contact the webmaster


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