Albert Ludwig Pappe 1854-1924

This biography has been pieced together from a variety of sources. We welcome any additions or corrections by family members or other researchers. Much of the historical information comes from a family history report written by Eldon Meisinger in April 1977. Many thanks to Raymond Pappe for providing a copy of that report. Please contact us if you have additions or corrections to the biography of Karl Pappe.

Photo: Albert L. Pappe, about 1900

Ludwig Adalbert Pappe was born on October 1, 1854 in Stotternheim, Germany. The third of five brothers, he was the son of (Johann) Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe (1811-1894) and his second wife, (Johanna) Catherina Heinemann (1824-?). Stotternheim records list him as Ludwig Adalbert or simply Adalbert, but after he immigrated to America he called himself Albert L Pappe.

Albert immigrated at the age of 17, departing from Bremen, Germany and arriving in New York on the SS New York on April 30, 1872. Albert was the second brother to immigrate. His brother John Hermann Pappe had arrived just a few months before him.

Albert lived for many years in Illinois, where he worked as a farmer. On February 25, 1878 Albert married the first of his three wives, Helena Prettig in Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois. Helen was born on August 10, 1859 in Tazewell County, Illinois. She was the eldest child of Adam and Eva Catherine Meier Prettig.

In1886, after the birth of their first four children, the Albert and Helena moved to Fillmore County, Nebraska. Here they farmed and had four more children. IN 1894 they moved east to Cass County, Nebraska, southwest of Plattsmouth. Helena Prettig Pappe died on August 5, 1896 and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Plattsmouth.

Albert and Helena Prettig Pappe had eight children, only four of which lived to adulthood.

  1. Herman J Pappe 1879-1996 Born: January 01, 1879 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., Illinois. Died: January 01, 1879 (one month after his mother) in Plattsmouth, Cass Co., Nebraska.
  2. Catharina "Kate" Pappe 1880-1901 Born: December 29, 1880 in Pekin,Tazewell Co., Illinois. Married George M. Hild, three daughters. Died: February 07, 1977 in Weeping Water, Cass Co., Nebraska.
  3. Sophia Lena Pappe 1883-1883 Born: December 29, 1880 in Tazewell Co., Illinois. Died: August 01, 1884 in Tazewell Co., Illinois.
  4. George Phillip Pappe 1884-1966 Born: September 13, 1884in Tazewell Co., Illinois. Married Lena Classen, five children. Died: April 08, 1966 in Quincy, Washington.
  5. Karl R Pappe 1887-1955 Born: May 07, 1887 in Petersburg, Boone Co., Nebraska. Married Rena Lance, one son. Occupation: farmer. Died: June 29, 1955 in El Reno, Canadian Co., Oklahoma. (see obituary)
  6. Minni M Pappe 1889-1889 Born: February 14, 1889 in Fillmore Co., Nebraska. Died: July 30, 1889 in Fillmore Co., Nebraska.
  7. Margaret Lena Pappe 1890-1909 Born: August 17, 1891 Fillmore Co., Nebraska. Died: January 20, 1909 in January 20, 1909 in Canadian County, Oklahoma. (see obituary)
  8. Emma Louise Pappe 1893-1973 Born: July 21, 1973 in Fillmore Co., Nebraska. Married: (1) Luster Smith, two children , (2) Bill Floyd, (3) Paul Hurst. Died: July 21, 1973 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California. (see obituary)

Albert was married a second time to Rose Sporer Hennings on September 1898 in Petersburg, Boone Co., Nebraska. On March 19, 1901 Rose gave birth to a son, Albert A Pappe, that died the same day. Rose also passed away less than two weeks later on March 31st. Both were buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Child of Albert Pappe and Rose Hennings:

  1. Albert A Pappe 1901-1901 Born and Died on March 19, 1901 in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

In 1900 Albert Pappe returned to Germany for a visit. Upon his return on October 13th he wrote to his brother Richard Pappe in Kingfisher and told him that he was interested in buying a piece of land and asked that Richard let him know if he found anything. (Among his many business endeavors, Richard dealt in real estate.) He also mentioned that he had brought their nephew, Arthur Pappe (son of Karl), with him from Germany. (see letter)

A few years later Albert moved to a farm near Union, Canadian County, Oklahoma Territory where he was married for a third time to Christina Beck on November 4, 1904. The couple had two children, one of which died in infancy.

  1. Richard Herman Pappe 1908-1957 Born: May 05, 1908 in Union, Canadian Co., Oklahoma. Married Letress G. Needham, three children. Died: June 14, 1957 in El Reno, Oklahoma. (see obituary)
  2. Mary M Pappe 1909-1910 Born and died in Union, OK.

Albert Ludwig Pappe died in Union on September 8, 1924 at the age of 69. He had outlived all of his siblings. Christina died on October 19, 1953. Both are buried in the Union City cemetery. (See obituary.)

Photo: Albert Pappe's farm in Union, OK, about 1913


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