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    Richard Pappe Sr (1860 - 1919) and Henrietta Mathilda Louise Kornrumpf (Pappe) (1861 - 1941)

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Richard and Lojuise in Gottingen.jpg
About 1880

Richard and Louise Pappe in Kansas-1.jpg
About 1883

Richard & Louise Pappe in Kansas-2.jpg
About 1885

Pappe family group.jpg
About 1993

Richard Pappe Portrait-1.jpg

Richard Pappe Sr. was the youngest son of Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe and Johanna Catharina Heinemann.

Richard & Louise Painting.jpg

Richard Pappe Portrait-3.jpg

Richard Pappe Portrait-2.jpg

Richard I Sketch.jpg

Richard and Louise at farm.jpg


Richard & Louise on porch in rocker.jpg

Richard and Louise on steps.jpg
About 1919

Louise K with Jersak kids.jpg

Louise in Rocker on porch.jpg

Louise K Pappe on steps.jpg

Louise K Pappe on porch.jpg

Louise K & Bill Jersak

Louise & chickens.jpg


Louise K shapshot

Louise K Pappe portrait. jpg

Richard & Car snap.jpg
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