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Louise Toiletries.jpg
Louise Kornrumpf Pappe's beauty products

Richard Pappe Toiletries.jpg
Richard Pappe's razor, strap and hair trimmer

Richard Clippers.jpg
Richard Pappe's Hair clippers

Louise Kornrumpf Pappe's embroidery box

Louise glasses.jpg
Louise Kornrumpf Pappe's eyeglasses

Louise cuticle scissors.jpg

Richard cigar cutter.jpg

Louise Hair crimper.jpg

Louise Jersak shoes.jpg

Louise Jersak watch.jpg

Richard Pappe pen set.jpg
Richard Pappe's Tortoise shell pens

Cuff Links.jpg
Richard and Louise Pappe's cuff links. Monogrammed "P" and "LP"

Richard tea cup.jpg
Richard Pappe's tea cup -
with mustache guard!

Louise K cup.jpg
Louise Kornrumpf Pappe's

Clara's cup.jpg
Clara Pappe's teacup