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     Max Major Pappe   1917 - 2002

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Max Major Pappe (1917-2002)

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Max in 1936.jpg
Oklahoma City, OK

National Guard 1940.jpg

Lt. Max Pappe.jpg

1957 Supper Club.jpg
Max & Mildred in Los Angeles

1965 Max Pappe.jpg

Ham operator.jpg
About 1980

Max Pappe portrait.jpg
About 1990

Max & Mildred in 2000
Max Major Pappe was the youngest son of Arthur Pappe and Violet Major and the grandson of Richard Pappe, Sr. and Louise Kornrumpf. He was born and raised in Kingfisher, OK and later moved to California with his wife, Mildred Wittrock (Pappe) and three children. He served in WW II as a commissioned officer and made his living in the flooring business, being full partner in a flooring establishment.