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Pappe and car.jpg

Abt 1909

Pappe postcard.jpg
Abt 1909

Pappe family group 1893.jpg

Richard 2 at OK.jpg
(5th from left)


Ev & R Church.jpg

Pappe & Bollenbach.jpg

Independent Harvester.jpg

Sequoyah hotel.jpg
(AOUW Convention?)

Pappe house & car.jpg
about 1912

School photo-1.jpg

School photo-2

Richard in front of church.jpg

Ev Church Group.jpg
Conference of the Evangelical Church of Kansas, May 13-17, 1917.
Richard Pappe and Wm Jersak, back row, 6th and 8th from right

Louise Confirmation.jpg

Louise at Chillicothe.jpg
Chillicothe College