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    Dr.  William Richard Emil Jersak II  1918 - 1988 

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Bill Jersak-5.jpg
About 1921

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1943 Western Dental College, Kansas City, MO

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Bill Jersak-6.jpg
1946 - Riems, France

Bill Jersak-8.jpg

March 1946 - Bamberg, Germany

Dr. William Jersak was the son of
Louise Pappe and Rev. William Jersak.
He was the grandson of
Richard Pappe Sr. and Louise Kornrumpf.

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Bill Jersak-7.jpg
February 1946 -Nice France

Bill Jersak-11.jpg
1946 - St. Moritz

Bill Jersak-9.jpg
April 1946

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Bill Jersak-12.jpg
1945 Riems, France

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Bill & Nell Jersak-3.jpg

December 1947

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