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     Albert Ludwig Pappe    1854 - 1924

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Albert Ludwig Pappe-1.jpg

Tazewell family.jpg
Photo taken in Tazewell, IL

Platsmouth NE family-3.jpg
Photos taken in Plattsmouth, NE.

Platsmouth NE family-1.jpg
Photo taken in Plattsmouth, NE.
Albert Ludwig Pappe was the son of Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe and Johanna Catharina Heinemann. He was born in Stotternheim, Germany and emigrated to America at the age of 17. At least two of Albert Pappe's four brothers also emigrated to America -- Richard Pappe Sr. and Johann Hermann (aka John H.) Pappe. Albert lived in Tazewell, IL and then Plattsmouth, NE, then finally in Union, OK. Albert was married three times, the first two wives having died following the birth of a child. He was the father of at least eleven children, only five of which survived to adulthood.
Albert Ludwig Pappe.jpg
Who is this?
Photo taken in Plattsmouth, NE

Son of Albert Ludwig Pappe.jpg
Is this Albert's son or daughter?

Photo taken in Plattsmouth, NE

The photos on this page belonged to Louise Pappe Jersak.