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Notes on buildings shown on the June 1894 Sanborn map of Kingfisher

The Sanborn map company produced detailed maps of many US towns about the time the Pappe Saloon was built. They were made for the purpose of determining insurance rates and thus they show the dimensions, general layout, materials and other construction details for the buildings. They also show details of available water sources and pumps. The dimensions of each building are not given, but there is a map scale that can be used to determine the approximate size of each structure. The Kiingfisher map is dated September 1894.

The following are notes concerning search for Richard Pappe's Rock Island Saloon and Vienna Bakery.

1) There is an Anheuser-Busch beer vault on the east side of the railroad tracks between Miles and Broadway.

2) There are 8 saloons and one bakery shown, plus one dwelling with an unused oven in the back. Also 5 confectioneries are indicated. (A "Vienna" bakery usually produced sweet pastries so Richard's business may have been described as a confectionery.) Several buildings are shown with a wooden partition down the center, as in our photo.

3) Bakery: East side of Main Street between Broadway and Sheridan (blk 50, lot 9). Labeled "Bakery" and oven clearly marked. This is a one story building, about 15 ft. wide x 30 ft. deep with an oven in the back. There are no buildings on adjacent lots, which would rule is out for Pappe's business. This is probably the bakery of D. Logsdon.

4) Unused Oven: North side of Roberts Avenue between 7th and 8th Sts. It is about 25 ft. wide and 12 ft. deep. The building is marked as a dwelling ("D") but there is an oven behind it that is marked "not in use." There is an adjacent building on the left but none on the right, which rules it out as the building in our photo.

5) Partitioned buildings: There are buildings with interior wood frame partitions down the center, like the one seen in our photo. However, two are too deep to be our Pappe's bakery-saloon.

a) Restaurant-saloon on east side of main between Roberts and Admire. Too deep.

b) Undertaker-marble store on same block. Too deep.

c) Possible site: Meat store-saloon on east side of Main between Admire and Miles. The size is right - single storey, about 25 x 30 feet with a center partition and stove pipe at the rear (not marked as a brick chimney). Also shown is a covered porch with a shingle roof. There are buildings on both sides. Also an outbuilding in back that might have been an oven at one time, but the writing is undecipherable and material description cannot be read. It appears to have an iron chimney and possibly masonry walls. It's possible that this was Pappe's building in 1892-3, but was sold or some space rented out by 1894.

6) Confectioneries: None of the confectioneries match the physical dimensions or constructon of Pappe's building.


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