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The Kingfisher Times Illustrated Souvenir Edition,
September 5, 1901

R. Pappe

WHATEVER else may be said about Kingfisher and her business people, it cannot be denied that the business history of the above named gentleman furnishes an example of push, enterprise and success well worthy of emulation. Mr. Pappe's name conveys as great an impression of unexcelled perseverance and sturdy German honesty, as can well be compressed in the compass of five letters. He has been conspicuously identified with the business interests of our City from the founding of the town, and his successful enterprise has contributed to the general thrift. Never has he failed to meet a promise promptly. His word is an absolute assurance of straightforward dealing, and needs not to be written and endorsed to make it good as gold.

Mr. Pappe became a resident of Kingfisher April 22, 1889, the day this country was opened for settlement, and he has continued to reside here ever since. When be came here he had only a few dollars-in fact, be was about as hard run as the average man who located in Oklahoma. He had, however, an unlimited amount of energy and perseverance, and he located here to make a home for himself and his family. As soon as he could arrange for it he opened a bakery and restaurant. His start was in a very moderate way. He soon attracted attention by his hustling methods and the disposition be displayed of treating everybody honestly and squarely. He built up a large and lucrative business, and continued to run the bakery and restaurant up until about two years ago, when he sold out and embarked in the real estate and loan business.

Mr. Pappe is well informed on the real estate question, be being a farmer himself. He owns eleven hundred acres of fine land, and besides renting, had 400 acres in wheat himself, this year. Be buys and sells either City property or farms, making a specialty of placing farmers on land just suited to their need. He makes all kinds of loans on easy terms, and is always ready to accommodate the borrower, whether the amount be large or small. Being himself a German, Mr. Pappe has sold farms to any number of his countrymen. They seem to prefer to deal with him on account of his nationality, because be speaks the German language and because he is regarded as a straight, reliable and honest man. Mr. Pappe's office is the headquarters for the German farmers living in this part of the country.

Mr. Pappe is justly regarded as one of our most prominent and reputable German citizens, and he is highly regarded by all of our people. He is a firm believer in the future of Kingfisher, and has demonstrated his faith by becoming the owner of considerable city property; he is always one of the foremost in every project, which has for its object the advancement of the interests of our prosperous and beautiful little City. He is a wide-awake business man, a good citizen for the town, and his spirit of energy perseverance and honesty justly entities him to the success which has marked his business career. The Times wishes him a continuance of his prosperity.

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The Kingfisher Times, 1909


The restaurant property known far and wide as Pappe's German Cafe which has been run by Tim McCloud since the death of Albert Pappe some months ago was sold a day or two ago to H. E. Eads of this city, who will remodel it and continue the business at the same stand. The partition which at present divides the room will be removed and tables put in, and a number of other changes will be made which will make this one of the first class restaurant equipments of the city. It will be known hereafter as the Merchant's Cafe, and the new proprietor intends to put up a strong bid for local and country trade.

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Pratt Kansas
April 6, 1888


Richard Pappe, Bakery, Confectionery and Lunch Room.

One of the best known business enterprises in this city is that carried on by Richard Pappe. The member of this firm is a native of Saxony. He came to this city in her infancy, and a more enterprising and progressing man of business is not to be found in this city. In their pleasant rooms can be bound a very select line of fresh bread, cakes and pies and an unlimited supply of confectionery, also lunch can be had at all hours. The equitable manner in which the business is conducted, as well as the excellent quality of the stock, are guarantees sufficiently obvious why consumers would do well to place their orders with this reliable establishment.


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Quincy, Washington
November 5, 1959

Celebrate Golden Wedding

The Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. George Pappe was celebrated Saturday October 24 with a special Mass at St. Pius X Catholic Church of Quincy. The lovely ceremony was the first of its kind to be held in this new parish. Father John Marasciulo officiated at the Mass, assisted by the four altar boys and two ushers who were grandsons of the couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Pappe were Married in Union City, Oklahoma on the very same day that Mrs. Pappe's parents celebrated their Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary. Mr. Pappe's sister, Mrs. Emma Hurst of Long Beach, California, one of the bridesmaids at the wedding in 1909, was able to attend this celebration.

The reception was held in the Church hall immediately following Mass. The occasion was made happier by the attendance of their four sons and daughter: Mr. and Mrs., Joe Pappe, Quincy; Mr. and Mrs. George Pappe; Malin, Oregon; Mr. And Mrs. Francis Tiffany, Vale, Oregon; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pappe, Lake Mohawk, N.J.; and Mr. Jerry Pappe, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Also in attendance were the 20 grandchildren. The reception table was beautifully set with silver and a golden anniversary cake. The gifts received were costly and highly appreciated. Among the many wonderful gifts was a newspaper dating back to the wedding day, accompanied by a wedding picture of the couple.
Out of town guests were Mrs. Lizzie Clasen, Vale, Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Huber, Portland, Oregon and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clasen, Soap Lake, Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Pappe thoroughly enjoyed having their relatives and friends with them on this very special occasion.


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