Rock Island Saloon and Vienna Bakery - about 1893

R Pappe FamilyThis photo appears to have been taken at the opening of Richard Pappe's Rock Island Saloon and Vienna bakery. Richard Pappe (1860-1919) is standing in the doorway, under the "A" in the sign. At the right on the porch is Richard's wife, Louise Kornrumpf Pappe (1861-1941). In her arms is Louise Pappe (later Jersak), who was born in January 1892. Based on the baby's age (likely 6 to 18 months), the date of the photo is estimated to be in the second half of 1892 or first half of 1893. The three boys next to Louise are her sons, Richard Jr. (1887), Albert (1883) and Arthur (1889). Their respective ages in the fall of 1893 would be about 6, 10, and 4.

Richard Pappe family, about 1894       

This photo was published in "Pioneers of Kingfisher County, 1889-1976" but the exact location was not given. On the 1894 Sanborn map for Kingfisher, no combination saloon-bakery building can be found; however, it's possible that this Pappe building was sold or rented out shortly after it was built. Or, it could have been located in some town other than Kingfisher. (See research notes)

There was such a bakery-saloon building on the 1894 map in El Reno, situated on Rock Island Avenue that is being investigate as the possible site of this business.

A rubber stamp marking in a book that belonged to Albert Pappe indicates that Richard Pappe owned a Vienna bakery, liquor and cigar business in North Enid in the 1890s. And there was a saloon-bakery shown on the 1894 Sanborn map so that location is also being researched. Enid was first settled in the opening of the Cherokee Outlet in September 1893.

Early newspapers are currently being researched for mention of the Pappe businesses in these cities.

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