Vienna Bakery in Wichita

Pappe's Vienna Bakery in Wichita - about 1890

Along the left side of the awning there is a sign that says "Pappes Vienna Bakery." We're not sure if this was Richard Pappe's bakery or his brother, John Herman Pappe's as the sign is barely readable and might say "R Pappe," "H Pappe," or even "JH Pappe." Both were bakers and lived in Kansas. The name "Vienna bakery" implies that it would produce cakes, pies other sweets. Richard is known to have owned at least one other Vienna Bakery and Hermann was sometimes listed as a confectioner in city directories. Below is an enlargement of the sign.

The date of the photo is estimated based on information in the Wichita city directories. The photographer's marks on the back of this photo, indicate that it was taken by "Rogers Photographer Wichita." W.S. Rogers is listed in the 1883, 1887 and 1891 Wichita city directories. We haven't found any Pappe listings in the Wichita directories, but a Vienna Bakery is mentioned in 1891 at 224 e Douglas Street and in 1894 at 348 n. Main. In both cases, Leonard Richt is the proprietor. Perhaps one of the Pappe brothers started the bakery and then sold it to Mr. Richt before 1891. (Mr. Richt, a German immigrant, was still listed as a bakery owner in Wichita in the 1900 census.)

We know that Richard lived in Newton and then Pratt, Kansas from July 1882 until April 1889, then he filed a homestead claim in Oklahoma and lived there until his death in 1919. In 1871 railroad line first connected Wichita with Newton, 28 miles due north. In 1887 the line between Wichita and Pratt (80 miles due west) was constructed. Travel between those cities would have been easy, once the rail road was operational, so it would have been possible for either man to operated two business at the same time — one in Pratt or Newton and one in Wichita.

We have many records that document the whereabouts of John Hermann Pappe, too. However, he moved often and opened several bakeries. There is also a gap in our records for him between 1892 and 1903. Perhaps he spent at least part of that time in Wichita.

The man standing in front resembles Richard Pappe, who would have been 31 years old in 1891. John Hermann would have been 39. We have no photos of John Hermann Pappe to compare with this photo.

Photo provided by Nancy Jersak Henderson

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