Karl Friedrich Ludwig Pappe

Karl Pappe Family in Leipzig - about 1889

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This photo of Karl Pappe and his family is from the photo collection of Louise Pappe Jersak. The photo was taken in Leipzig, Germany when Karl was about 42 years old. At the time the family resided at Dufor Strasse 10 in Leipzig which was in Petrus parish so they would have worshiped at the Peterskirche (St. Peter's church).

The date of the photo was determined by the age of the children in the photo. The couples third child, Richard, was born in December 1888 and appears to be less than one year old in the photo so we estimate that the photo was taken mid-1889. The eldest child, Carl Arthur, was born in March 1883 would be 6 in 1889 and the eldest daughter, Auguste Clara Pappe, born in September 1886, would be 3.

At the time the baby in the photo was born, Karl's brother, Richard Pappe, was in Germany with his family visiting relatives. Carl invited Richard to be a witness at the baby's baptism in January 1889. We assume that he accepted the invitation and that the boy was named Richard in his honor. After Karl died, his widow, Auguste Pappe, immigrated to the US in 1821 and is buried in Albuquerque, NM.

This is the only photo we have of Richard Pappe. He is listed as the "nearest relative" of Arno Curt Pappe when Arno immigrated to the US in 1911. Richard's address was listed as Weidenallee 54, Hamburg, Germany. He would have been 22 years old in 1911.

Left to right: Carl Arthur Pappe (1883-1931), Karl Friedrich Ludwig Pappe (1857-?), Richard Pappe (1888-?), Auguste Pappe (1858-1927), Augusta Clara Pappe (1886-?).

Photo provided by Nancy Jersak Henderson

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