Karl Friedrich Ludwig/Louis Pappe

Karl Pappe - about 1875

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This photo from the photo collection of Louise Pappe Jersak is believed to be Karl Friedrich Ludwig Pappe (1857-?). The man in the photo resembles later photos of Karl and we know that Karl is the only one of five Pappe brothers to live in Leipzig for many years.

At that time, conscription was mandatory in Germany for all males at age 18, so we have dated this photo of a young soldier to 1875, when Karl would have been 18 years old.

Karl was born in Stotternheim but moved to Leipzig at some point, probably to apprentice as a baker or at the end of his apprenticeship. The civil birth records for his children list his occupation as Bekermeister (master baker), which signifies that he had passed a Gesellenpreufung (journeyman test) at the completion of his apprenticeship and worked seven years as a Geselle (journeyman). Only a master baker could own a bakery and train apprentices.

The back of the photo reveals information about the photographer. The address for the H Anlborn photo studio is given as Neukirchhoff 28 Eingang am Toepferplatz" (New Churchyard street, entrance at Toepfer Plaza). That address no longer exists; however, we know that the Mathaïkirche (Mathew's church) was commonly known as the Neukirch (new church) at that time and Toepferplatz was the adjacent marketplace. It was located in the northwest part of the Leipzig city center (Zentrum). The church still stands and is a historic building in old town Leipzig.

Photo provided by Nancy Jersak Henderson

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