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Pappe group iin El Reno - - 1912

Pappe group in El Reno, OK - 1912

Richard and Louise Pappe Family - 1894

Richard Pappe Jr. at Oklahoma University

Evangelican and Reformed Church - 1902

Richard Pappe and Gust Bollenbach drink beer

Richard Pappe and friends at Independant Harvester Bldg

AOUW Convention at Sequoyah Hotel

Richard Pappe house and car - 1912

School Photo 1

School Photo 2

Richard Pappe and others in front of Ev. and R church

Louise Pappe confiramtion

Conference of the Evangelical Church of Kansas, May 13-17, 1917.
Richard Pappe and Wm Jersak, back row, 6th and 8th from right


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