Art Pappe 1889 - 1971
Art Pappe was the son of Richard Pappe Sr. and Louise Kornrumpf. He was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma just a few months after the opening of the Oklahoma Territory and lived there all his life. In 1909 Art married Violet Major and they raised three children. Art became a carpenter at a young age and practiced his craft throughout his lifetime. Many of the buildings he built in Kingfisher still stand.

Arthur Pappe - about 1900

Art Pappe - about 1906

Art Pappe - about 1907

Art and Violet Pappe Wedding - 1910

Art Pappe - about 1907

Violet and Arthur - about1942

Art Pappe in Minn

Art & Violet & fish

Art adn Richard pappe in Minnesota - about 1933

Art adn Richard pappe in Minnesota - about 1933

Art and Violet 35th aniversary

Violet Major Pappe and friends - about 1909

Violet Major Pappe and friend - about 1909


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