Arno Curt Pappe

Arno Curt Pappe - about 1893

This photo of Arno Curt Pappe (1893-1948) is from the photo collection of Louise Pappe Jersak. The photo was taken in Leipzig, Germany and is imprinted with the year "1893," which is the year Arno was born. The dimensions, paper, photographer marks and age of the photo are identical to the photo of his sister, Amalie Gertrude Pappe (1893-?) that was also taken in 1893.

The Georg Brokesch Atelier where this photo was taken was located at Zeitzer Strasse 28 in Leipzig. Zeitzer Str. (renamed Karl-Liebknecht Str. in 1939) is located south of the Leipzig city center (Zentrum). In 1893, The Karl Pappe family lived at Dufor Str. 10, Leipzig, which is only a few blocks from the Brokesch photo studio.


Photo provided by Nancy (Jersak) Henderson

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