Amalie Gertrude "Trudel" Pappe (Ulrich) 1891-?

Amalie Gertrude Pappe was the youngest daughter of Karl Friedrich Ludwig Pappe (1857-?) and Auguste Pappe (1858-1928). To her family, she was known as "Trudel." She was born in Leipzig on September 29, 1891. About 1915 Trudel married Willy Ulrich and the couple moved to Berlin.

Most of what we know about Trudel is from a series of postcards that she sent to her brother Arno Curt Pappe between 1912 and 1923. During that time period the couple had three children. We don't know what happened to Amalie Gertrude (Pappe) Ulrich after 1923; however the Berlin phone books list a Willy Ulrch as late as 1936.

Amalie Gertrude Pappe - 1893

Trudel Pappe and Willy Ulrich - 1914

Trudel (Pappe) Ulrich - 1915

Willy and Trudel (Pappe) Ulrich and family - 1922


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