Karl Friedrich Ludwig Pappe 1857-?

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Photo: Karl Pappe family in 1885

Karl Friedrich Ludwig/Louis Pappe (See Note 1) was born in Stotternheim, Germany on April 10, 1857 and he probably died before 1915 in Germany. One of five brothers, he was the son of (Johann) Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe (1811-1894) and his second wife, (Johanna) Catherina Heinemann (1824-?). As a young man he moved from Stotternheim to Leipzig, which is about 25 miles to the northeast of Stotternheim.

In Leipzig he Karl was a master baker, a position that could be achieved only after training as an apprentice (Lehr), passing a test (Geselensprüfung) and then working as a journeyman (Geselle) baker for many years. At that time, only persons who had reached master status could own a business and train apprentices.

Karl married a woman named Auguste, who was born in 1857. We are still searching for marriage records or other documentation to find out her maiden name. In 1921 Auguste came to the US, accompanied by her son Carl Arthur Pappe. She was listed in the ship's list as a widow. In America she lived at least part of the time with her son Arno Curt Pappe. Auguste died in 1928 and is buried in Albuquerque with her son, Carl, who died there in 1938.

We have not yet located death records for Karl Pappe. However, a series of postcards sent from his family to their son Arno between 1912 and 1928 do not mention him. For that reason, we believe he died before 1912.

The Pappe family lived at Moritz 4 in Leipzig until after the birth of their first child in 1883. By 1896 they were living at Dufor Strasse 10. They were still living at that address when their last child was born in 1892.

Karl and Auguste Pappe had five children. Their births were recorded in the Leipzig civil records.

1. Carl Arthur Pappe 1883-1938 Born: March 02, 1883 in Leipzig, Germany. Died: November 12, 1931 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Immigrated: 1903. (See Note 2) Lived in Nebraska, then in New Mexico. Occupation: Master Baker. One son plus 2 adopted daughters.

2. Augusta Clara Pappe 1886-? Born September 02, 1886 in Leipzig. Nothing more is known.

3. Johann Richard Pappe 1888-? Born December 15, 1888 in Leipzig. Lived in Hanover in 1911.

4. Amalie Gertrude "Trudel" Pappe 1891-? Born September 29, 1891 in Leipzig. Married Willy Ulrich about 1914. Moved to Berlin. Three children: Gretchen, Kätmund, Werner (or Helmut?) (See Note 3)

5. Arno Curt Pappe (aka Charlie) 1893-1948 Born January 11, 1893 in Leipzig. Died February 14, 1948 in Yreka, California. Immigrated in 1911. Lived in New Mexico, Kansas, Texas and California. Occupation: Baker. Seven children.



(1) The civil birth record of Karl's son, Arno Curt Pappe, states that his third name was Louis, not Ludwig. This could be either an error in reading Karl's baptism record or an error in Arno's birth record.

(2) In October 1900 Carl Arthur Pappe traveled to the US with his uncle Albert Ludwig Pappe. The ship's passenger list indicates he was on military leave at the time. We believe he returned to Germany to complete his military service and immigrated in 1903. Carl's 1927 Petition for Naturalization states that he arrived in October 1903 in Detroit, traveling on the Canadian Pacific RR from Winnipeg, Canada.

(3) Most information about "Trudel" Pappe Ulrich was gleaned from postcards sent by her and other family members to Arno Curt Pappe in the US. Her son is called Werener in several card and Helmut in one. It's possible this is two different children, although the photos and birth years indicate it is probably the same child.


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