Johann Gottfried Wilhelm Pappe 1811-1864

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Gottfried Pappe was born on January 16, 1811 in the small farming village of Toettleben, Germany, which is a few miles northeast of Erfurt. Gottfried was the son of Michael Ernst Pappe (1776-?) and Anna Elisabeth Graeser. Pappes have lived in that area for at least 300 years, and probably longer.

The church records list Gottfried's occupation as Ortsburger und Ahnspänner. Orgsburger translates as" citizen" but Ahnspänner can mean either a farmer or someone who works with horses.

On March 23, 1838 Gottfried married Juliane Marie "Sophie" Pokel (1804-1947) in the neighboring village of Stotternheim and the couple settled there. Sophie and Gottfried had three children, the first of which died in infancy. Sophie Pokel Pappe died in childbirth at the time her third child was born.

  1. Theodor Hermann Pappe 1840-1841 Born: July 18, 1840 in Stotternheim. Died: March 31, 1841 in Stotternheim.
  2. Martha Luise Henriette Pappe 1842-? Born: February 26, 1842 in Stotternheim. Married Karl August Richard Baumgarten. Died: unknown date, probably in Stotternheim. .
  3. Minna Wilhelmine Pappe 1846-? Born: September 14, 1846 in Stotternheim. Died: unknown date.

Marha Luise Henriette Pappe married and lived in Stotternheim and some of her descendants still live there today. We don't know what became of Minna Wilhelmine; however, be believe she may have married a man named Fressel. Aeveral 20th century immigrants that went by that surname and were probably her children. (See Immigrants)

After the death of his first wife, Gottfried Pappe married for a second time on February 11, 1849 to Johanna Catharina Heinemann. The couple produced five sons, all of which reached adulthood. The eldest son remained in Stotternheim, three of the sons immigrated to the US and one moved to Leipzig.

Photo: Catharina (Heinemann) Pappe, about 1910

  1. Johann Heinrich Otto Pappe 1849-1885 Born: December 04, 1849 in Stotternheim, Germany. Occupation: Unknown, probably farmer. Died: November 09, 1885 in Stotternheim.
  2. Johann Hermann Richard Pappe (aka John Hermann) 1852-1903 Born: May 04, 1852 in Stotternheim, Germany. Immigrated in 1872. Lived in Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Alaska. Occupation: Baker, miner. One son. Died: April 10, 1857 near Rampart, Alaska.
  3. Ludwig Adalbert Pappe (aka Albert Ludwig) 1854-1924 Born: October 01, 1854 in Stotternheim, Germany. Immigrated in 1872. Lived in Illinois, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Occupation: Farmer. Three marriages, 11 children. Died: September 08, 1924 in Union, Canadian County, Oklahoma
  4. Karl Friedrich Ludwig Pappe (aka Karl) 1858-? Born: April 10, 1857 in Stotternheim, Germany. Lived in Leipzig, Germany. Occupation: Baker. Five children. Died: unknown date in Leipzig, Germany, probably before 1912.
  5. Richard Pappe 1860-1919 Born: December 05, 1860 in Stotternheim, Germany. Immigrated in 1882. Lived in Illinois, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Occupation: Baker, entrepreneur. Eleven children. Died: April 12, 1919 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Three of their sons and at least two grandchildren immigrated to the USA (see immigrants). Gottfried died on February 12, 1864, leaving Catherine a widow at the age of 40 . At that time her five sons ranged in age from three to fourteen.


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