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New!  57 new obituaries have been added to the Obituaries section of the History page. They contain lots of details about our ancestor's lives. We now have 562. (Feb 2015)

New!  We've updated the Ancestry pages, adding one hundred new names. Our family tree has now has more than 10,000 names. (April 2012)

We have updated the Nieland Family Tree Book and also offer a German language version for the first time. The January 2010 Edition adds over 750 names. You can download the book from this website, print it out to use as a reference book or to share with family members. The book has a full name index so its easy to find any individual. (January 2010)

We've added translations of many old letters and postcards that were sent by German Nielands to their American relatives. See them on the History page under the Over the Ocean heading on the left. (August 2008)

The photograph collection of Henry Joseh Nieland's (1872-1957) descendants is now on the Photos page. (August 2008)

 The 1920s photograph collection of Mildred Wittrock Pappe, daughter of Rose Nieland Wittrock (1895-1935) is now on the Photos page. (August 2008)

 We've added a German translation of David Nieland's 1965 book -- Stammbaum der Familie Nieland. Click on Stammbaum der Familie Nieland - 1965 on the History page. (December 2006)

Thanks to Dominik Marks in Germany we've discovered another branch of the family tree. A new "Generation 8" Ancestry page lists the descendants of Friedrich Kipp (1859-1928). Friedrich was the grandson of Maria Adelheid (Nieland) Lübbering. See the Ancestry page. (May 2006)

Our research has uncovered several earlier generations of Nielands in our family tree. See the Ancestry pages. Also see the List of Biographies on the History page to read about our earliest known ancestors. (September 2005)

We've updated the Ancestry pages, adding hundreds of new names. Our family tree has now has more than 10,000names. (August 2007)

One of the Nieland descendants, Fr. Steven Boes has been named as Executive Director of Girls and Boys Town. See the News page. (April 2005)

Upcoming family reunions are now listed on the News page. For details click on the links in the left column. Please tell us about any planned reunions in your branch so we can help spread the word.  (March 2005)

 We have updated the family tree of our earliest ancestors and added 30 new names. See the Ancestry page and click on the name John Daniel Nieland 1690-1757.

The photograph collection of Franz Josef Nieland's (1885-1958) descendants is now on the Photos page.

We have added an old letter that describes the immigration experience and life in America in 1868. We believe Henry Nieland carried this letter with him when he immigrated in 1869. See the History page.

Over sixty people attended the Family Reunion in Südlohn, Germany, including three cousins from the USA. See the News Page.

The burials database has just been updated. See the History page and click on List of Grave Locations. Please help us fill in the blanks.

The photograph collection of Hermann Franz Nieland (1885-1958) is now on the Photos page. Most of the photos are of our German relatives around the year 1950. Be sure to see both the Snapshots and Photo Album pages—over 60 pictures in all!

We've added new information about St. Walburga Church in Ramsdorf, Germany, the church where our ancestors worshiped before they emigrated from Germany. Go to the History page and look under the Historical Towns heading.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Okarche, OK will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary in October. Read about it on the News Page.

We have a brand new look! We've switched to "frames" format for the Nieland Family Homepage, which should make it much easier for you to access the information in this site. And the pages should load much faster, too. It may take a few weeks to get the kinks out, so please be patient. And, please report any problems or broken links to the webmaster.

There's another new addition to the Called to the Faith section of the History page — Father Don Wolf, great great grandson of Anna Nieland Boes — bringing the total to 24!.

See where our Nieland ancestors originated. We've added maps on the History page that show where they lived in Germany. Click on the link to The Nieland Homeland.

 We've traced the family tree back one more generation to about 1690.  Kay Davis has found the birth records for John Bernard Nieland in Gemen, Kreis Borken, Prussia. See the updated Ancestry page and Biographies section of the History page.

 There's a new addition to the Called to the Faith page — Father Daniel Henry Mueggenborg. So far, we've identifies twenty-three family members who have followed a religious calling.

 We've just added terrific new historical information about Maria Anna Nieland and Gerhard Boes and their daughter, Clara Boes, and husband Max Reising. Go to the History page and look under Family History.

 We have added burial information for nearly 400 of our relatives. See the List of Grave Locations on the History page.

Lawrence and Helen Nieland celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on January 17th! See details on the News page (January 2003).




Updated 11 February 2015